Gif Player Babbleboard LED IoT Display

Its simple to play gif's on the Babbleboard LED IoT display navigate to the Gif player tab. Select the picture icon and find one of your saved Gif files. If you have no saved Gif file use an editor such as GIMP to create gif files from bitmaps. You can either upload the gif to the Babbleboard or select the option send which will send frame by frame of the Gif to the Babbleboard LED IoT slecting the send option you can adjust the frame frequency by speeding up pressing the rabbit or slowing down using the turtle. Just thought that was a cool way to identify go fast or slow down. Come on everyone has heard of the rabbit and the turtle. The following pictures and video illustrate playing a gif
LED Iot Screenshot of using the gif player
LED IOT loading a gif file
The gif demo for the Babbleboard LED IOT Display
Mobile phone with gif playing in the background
LED Display and phone playing gif
Mobile phone with gif playing in the background on the Babbleboard LED IoT Display
The video shows Babbleboard LED IoT Display playing the eyefirst.gif