Global Patented (WiFi) Babbleboard - IoT LED Display

You have heard of string theory. This is the first ever practical application of it. Making the very first intelligent string

Babbleboard - IoT LED Display is the classic Christmas tree string lighting reimagined and reinvented for the 21st century.

led comparison between the christmas tree and the babbleboard
Intelligent lights fashioned into rows and columns create a simple, ultra-flexible, and ultra-portable LED display for low-resolution graphics, logos, colorful scrolling messages, motion graphics or commercials. Powerful onboard IOT takes this classic to a whole new level; enabling users to create, save and share their unique designs within a fun, easy to use, interactive application and then send them to Babbleboard - IoT LED Display using a phone, tablet or computer. Great for the car, home, storefront, camping or the beach. At a young age, we learned to express our ideas and our imaginations with nothing more than crayons and a piece of paper. With these simple tools, we drew letters, pictures, and animations to show the world what we were thinking. We've taken these same simple tools and added just enough smart to give them a new place and new life in our overly complex digital world. Say hello to  Babbleboard - IoT LED Display.
Follows some practical applications of what you can do with your Babbleboard LED IoT Display:

Babbleboard - IoT LED Display is smart and simple to use


Whether you need a sign that fits in your hands, car window, storefront, or wall, we've got you covered.


Our power conscious design enables you to run from a wall or car outlet, portable charger, or solar panel.


Take it with you wherever you go - at home, in the car, to the game, to work, to game night, and even camping. 

Gif Player

Text, pixel art and animations

Say it with colors, motion, emojis, text, and pixel art elements to create one-of-a-kind messages and animations.

Bitmap Player

Easy to use and intuitive

Interact with your Babbleboard - IoT LED Display using our online app, a smart phone, tablet, or PC, and your browser of choice.

APIs and development toolkit

Download canned APIs for Amber and Silver Alerts, Karaoke, and Sense or create your own extensions.

Uses of Babbleboard - IoT LED Display

Click on the tiles below to learn more about Babbleboard - IoT LED Display

Smart poster

Say what's on your mind

Tell other drivers what you're thinking, cheer on your little tyke, or promote your company or product: get a Babbleboard - IoT LED Display and be creative - learn more.

Retail signage

Increase in-store sales

Babbleboard - IoT LED Display offers a new and better alternative to printed and digital signage for retailers that increases in-store revenues - learn more.

Babbleboard - IoT LED Display

Take a look at the product range

iBabbled Inc. Babble with your LED. I...Babble..LED! learn more.

Mobile advertising

Make money while you drive

We spend a lot of time in our car - running errands; commuting to work; picking up the kids. We think you should get paid while you do it - learn more.

Smart city

Connected smart signs

The lights and sirens from school bus, police, utility, fire, ambulance vehicles are confusing alone. We add words and pictures - learn more.

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