Our Story ibabbled Inc

Many journeys in life begin not with a grand plan, but instead a single idea. This idea is one that springs forth with such force that it takes control and will not be silenced until it is recognized. As entreprenuers, we are compelled to chase it; creating and building feverishly to keep pace as the idea blooms into a reality.

After countless hours, late nights, and weekends of joyful develop-refine-redevelop, it is finally time to replant our creation into a bigger container of sorts: the world. We've created the platform, tools, and devices. We're asking you to express your thoughts and extend our vision. As we say, "Be creative, you have a Babbleboard!"

Our Founders

Andrew Young (left), Software Wizard Supreme
Andy is a successful technologist and programmer with nearly three decades worth of experience designing and developing databases, mobile, and web applications for corporations. His keen insight and active imagination maintains a steady stream of cool new features.

Patrick Coulbourne (right), Hardware Tinkerer Extraordinaire
Patrick is an inventor and an award-winning business leader who has built and managed successful direct and partner sales and marketing teams for over 20 years. A self-taught design engineer, he takes on all of the "real" design work that Andy scoffs at :-)

Our Solutions

Babbleboard is much more than just a solution. It is simultaneously a new medium to express yourself, a customizable and extendable cloud platform, and a unique way to advertise your brand. Babbleboard's marriage between low-tech LEDs and high-tech IOT creates limitless potential and fills the space between print and digital displays. The seamless blend of both smart and simple tools enables Babbleboard to be both functional and user-friendly. 

The diversity of Babbleboard's applications gives it a place in many aspects of everyday life. We need your creativity and vision to apply Babbleboard in your industry, your niche, and your passion. 

Get a Babbleboard and see how creative you can be!

Our Communities

We continue to add brand new features that are made available to everyone free of charge. Check out our GitHub page and access our published APIs in order to tinker with and extend them for yourself.

Visit our online content community and share ideas, publish your own works of art with the world, and download free content produced by other creators to display on your Babbleboard.

On our shared advertising marketplace, you get paid commissions by allowing others to run location-based ads on your Babbleboard.

Our Commitment

For us, "do the right thing," "do your best," and "keep reaching higher" are more than mantras. They are the way we were raised - a way of life and a foundation for the kind of company we want to build.

As such, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply return it for a full refund. If your Babbleboard breaks, we'll send you a new one free of charge.

These are a few examples of our core beliefs and commitments to you. Thank you for believing in us.