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Babbleboard Retail
Smart Sign Platform

Learn how Babbleboard can INCREASE your in-store REVENUE through combining the REVENUE GENERATING power of digital signage with the COST EFFECTIVENESS of printed signage

  • Information
  • Directions
  • Branding
  • Promotions

All-in-one design

Babbleboard performs multiple functions in a single cost effective unit


Babbleboard conveys useful information to the public clearly and professionally through the use of scrolling text, colors, and multiple languages. Web services and embedded APIs connect directly to Amber and Silver alerts, weather alerts, and the Public, Civil Safety, and Emergency Broadcasting networks.


Effectively and efficiently helping shoppers navigate their way to the right area or department is crucial. Studies show signage enhances the shopper's experience and gets them to the point of purchase faster. Babbleboard incorporates multiple languages, pictograms, color and motion to accomplish this.


Strong, reinforced corporate and product branding is essential to shopper influence and conversion. Babbleboard provides a previously unavailable and unique branding platform for both the product manufacturer and retailer alike that ties into an overall multi-channel marketing and customer experience strategy.


Retail sales promotions drive foot traffic and build loyalty. Babbleboard supports promotional pricing with pre-scheduled, full-color advertisements and commericals, as well as loyalty programs utilizing our Sense technology to deliver display promotions based on individual shopper profiles.

Babbleboard is smart and simple to use


Babbleboard is available in custom sizes - from a single line of text to full wall signage. We've got you covered.


Babbleboard follows the contour of any surface - even around a pillar. It can easily be rolled up and stored.


Our power conscious design enables your signage to run from any 2 amp input, like a wall outlet or solar panel.


If you ever want to reposition your signage around the store, just roll it up and move it wherever and whenever. 

Text, pixel art and animations

Say it with colors, motion, emojis, text, and pixel art elements to create one of a kind branding and promotions.

Online content library

Easily create, control, and pull signage content from your corporate-owned, central online content repository.

Easy to use and intuitive

Our intuitive scheduling system enables you to centrally control content running on both individual and groups of signs.

APIs and development toolkit

Either download our canned APIs for Amber and Silver Alerts and Sense customer loyalty, or design your own.

Start increasing your in-store revenues today
with Babbleboard!

Babbleboard in action

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