Babbleboard LED Scrolling Ad

This is the idea. Use your Babbleboard LED to make money for yourself as you move around from location to location. The whole idea helps companies get of the ground by offering a whole new way to get Ads out.

You need to register your email and Babbleboard LED with us first. (So that we can associate you with your Babbleboard LED) The concept is this when we gather Ads for an ad campaign and you bring the Babbleboard LED to an area that has an Ad campaign in it. You switch your BABBLEBOARD LED into the rolling Ad mode. Or Be A Billboard Ads will automaticly begin scrolling on your Babbleboard LED We register your Babbleboard LED being in that location and how long. If your Babbleboard does not get registered in the area it will not be considered in the Ad campaign. When we receive Ads from Advertizers we will distribute upto 40% of the revenue to Babbleboard owners that took part in the Ad campaign. The revenue will be divided between Babbleboard owners up to the 40% mark. The amount will remain unknown until the distribution of funds. We will attempt to be as fair as possible with how this operates and we will ban anyone taking unfair advantage of the system. Not all areas will have an Ad campaign that is purely driven by market demand. Your exact location will be cross-checked for accuracy. If we have no AD campaigns running then no revenue for any of us i'm afraid.
Rolling LED Ad showing how to turn your Babbleboard into a BILLBOARD
Screen shot showing how to use the app. To turn your Babbleboard LED IoT Display into a Billboard.
The video shows a scrolling Ad being displayed on the Babbleboard LED IoT Display
This whole concept as decribed is going to be driven by you. The new owner of the Babbleboard and our Ad campaigns being adopted. We at all times are going to make all this as fair as possible its entire success is based upon you and our Ad campaigns. We understand that we are bringing about a revolution in an innovative new product.