Bitmap Player Babbleboard LED IoT Display

Its simple to play bitmaps on the Babbleboard LED IoT display navigate to the Doodle tab. Select the picture icon and find one of your saved bitmap files. The best bitmaps are sized 1:1 to the LED Display
280 is 8x35 pixels
405 is 9x45 pixels
855 is 19x45 pixels
Allthough this is a small bitmap world you can control every pixel that can be seen from quite far away.
Having loaded the bitmap into the Doodle editor you could change the bitmap
LED Iot bitmpa used in demo
LED IOT close up phone
The bitmap demo for the Babbleboard LED IOT Display
Mobile phone with bitmap in the background
LED Display and phone playing bitmap
Mobile phone with gif playing in the background on the Babbleboard LED IoT Display
These videos show the Babbleboard LED IoT Display playing the eyedemo.png Selecting Up Down Left Right Buttons To Perform The ELECTRIC SLIDE