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What Is A Babbleboard

thinking about babbleboards
It all started with wanting to make a
lightweight and rollable display.
Is That Kryptonite?

reality can be rolled up
A display that can be taken anywhere
curved inside led display
Curved inside

curved outside led display
Curved outside

curved outside led display
Or Lay Flat. Taking the shape of any form.

Hold the led high so it can be seen
Held in your hands as you move around.
To define the Babbleboard and what it is. You need to firstly understand the company behind it. iBabbLED Inc. The very first part of the name is the letter i which relates to you the consumer. It is something built for you in mind. The next part of the name is the word babble which implies you can babble. The name babble fitted perfectly as it implies any type of chat talk conversation cryptic meaning any flavor of words to babble and you are the one babbling any which way you want. If you look at the definition of the word babbling it is a term used for the way all babies communicate and that also fitted with us as we are an innovative startup. Making our first baby steps into this brave new world. The last part of the name is LED which really defines the targeted technology, that this is all about. We wanted to use the Light Emitting Diode (LED). The way it had never been used before bringing it's usage to you the consumer. Whereas before the LED world had been purely viewed as a fixed asset product. With all that said it came to name the product we combined the name babble. (You can say anything any way you want.) Combined with the word board. The board referring to the tiny bit of electronics to run the display and then the overall led display itself. The board at first sight looks super simple. That in a way is a tribute to its design it gives the largest most flexible functional display ever built period. Every effort being made to make the board as ergonomically appealing and just plain easy to use.
With this swanky new name. It lives up to what it can do. Display anything you want, any way you want. Your Internet Of Things (IoT) LED Display or should I just say Babbleboard .
dreaming up babbleboard

The Web App

Every effort has been made to make the Web App as easy to use as possible. The design of the UI was always to make whatever is in the app be 100% represented on the Babbleboard so that we have a seamless usage between the Web App and the Babbleboard.

Hotspot Connect

To establish a default connection to the Babbleboard navigate to your phones hotspot. and switch on the hotspot. Use the following hotspot settings:
After you have set the settings switch on the Babbleboard LED Iot Display you will notice the green WiFi LED flash. Then Flash quicker that is the signal that the Babbleboard LED IoT Display is about to connect to your Hotspot The following slides show how to connect to the Babbleboard LED IoT and start using the Web App.
Check the Babbleboard LED IoT Display and connect to the IP address

Scrolling Text

Doodle Pixel Art

Bitmap Player


We have built a great little gif player that can play frames one at a time or upload frames to the Babbleboard LED IoT Display Take a look at this demo page of the gif player in action on one of the smaller Babbleboards. The same UI exists for all our Babbleboards. Gif Player In Action

Innovative New Wave Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense is an entirely new concept