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When we started this Babbleboard (LED display) revolution the first thing we did was throw away the book and start again. We did not want to be a clone of what everyone else has or is already doing. We wanted to do something major and something simple at the same time. Our first ambition was to make a simple display of very large size and make it foldable. In fact, not just foldable but even smaller role able. Role able into a tight newspaper type roll. We achieved that objective early on and perfected the polarized layer meshed within a clear polymer layer and positioned the LEDS within this translucent polymer giving a perfectly enhanced LED display. What we have made is a portable flexible and most importantly role able LED Display. We christened this display the Babbleboard. The reason for babble is that you can talk a lot with it using it as a communication medium a bit like twitter but with its very own display. Out of this simple concept came many massive advantages over what everyone else has. The first being we can have any size display and it’s portable straight of the bat. Which makes the Babbleboard perfect weight and flexibility to hang anywhere, even inside or outside of a car any orientation front back rear side window or panel. We also offer a magnetic version just in case you don’t want to hang it up. No need to hang the Babbleboard walk with it or just stand with it in your arms. It takes that small USB power supply that you are already probably using to charge your phone. If you don’t have a charger use the USB port inside the car. If you don’t have a USB get a simple adapter and plug it into your lighter socket. That’ll do it.

LED Displays

We wanted to make LED displays affordable and the only way to really do that was to change everything and keep it all really simple. The next simple innovation was to make the whole LED display work like Christmas tree lights. "What you say to yourself"! How can that be? The first thing is anything in series is generally cheaper and simpler to make ,also able to identify problems within the manufacture easier. If the next LED does not light up you guessed it. It was not put in place correctly. The next innovation was to use the same web app to control all connotations of the display and let the clever math behind it do the hard work of dealing with the LED being in series. Notice we have'nt used the word programming or program that's becasue you dont have to do that to make the LED work all you have to do is attach your Babbleboard(LED Display) to your WiFi network once its connected to your WiFi it will show up as a web page on any of your PC's within your network. If you are away from home attach the Babbleboard (LED Display) to your phones hotspot after achieving that simple task its upto you to use what ever feature of the Babblebaord you want to use.

WiFi App LED Display

We wanted to think of everything in this programming venture. We tasked ourselves with some clear objectives, ability to change font style, color, size and use emojis and make use of a really simple user interface. Out of this work came upwards of 10 scalable fonts and hundreds of emojis all scalable and using every single possible color combination of background color, foreground color. Static text and Scrolling text, moving or marquee text. In fact, for fun you can move the text. Speed it up. Stop and Start it. Change color at will make it flash invert it. It was also important for us to be able to change color of a single character in any word. Making it easy for USA to be marked like this USA Try and do that in any word editor not easy. Then try and make it move. The word impossible comes to mind. We added the matrix effect and the Christmas theme just in time for the holidays with Christmas tree emoji of course. Codename for this project "Just Say It!" and "Penguine."

Bitmaps Supporting LED Branded

Bitmaps matching the size of the LED display can be viewed on the Babbleboard (LED Display). Not to be satisfied with just the bitmap being displayed on the Babbleboard we went one step further. The bitmap can be moved or slided in any direction and at any speed this gives quite a good visual look for that branded display. The codename for this feature was "Electric Slide" You can create a library of bitmaps and view them any time on your Babbleboard.

LED Gif Step's Into Animation

Not to be satisfied with just bitmaps. Gif's can be played on the Babbleboard great and easy to use just create a Gif with multiple frames and see the animation effect on the Babbleboard. An excellant way to create a custom marketing campaign. The gif can be sent in upload mode (basicly standalone) or the Gif can be sent frame at a time from the phone or PC allowing a limitless frameset of Gifs being displayed on the Babbleboard. This project was codenamed "Poetry In Motion"

LED Pixel Art

It was noticable very early on that using the LED display can produce outstanding artwork. That can't be re-produced using digital displays. To fulfill this requirement the first step was to allow total control of every pixel to the artist. Every position can be touched and sent every available LED color. We codenamed this project Doodle as it gives the power to every user to create. It is really like doodling on paper as every pixel change can be sent one pixel at a time. Lighting up and coloring the display as you work.

It's time to get your very own Babbleboard!

Babbleboard is smart and simple to use!

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