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The first objective we had with the Babbleboard (LED Display) was how to design it so that we could make it go with us anywhere. We first looked at the car and wanted the LED Displays to be displayed on any surface of the car be it inside or outside. With that said the many surfaces of the car comes in many different sizes and various orientations incline, round shapes, sharp edges and so on. This is when our Babbleboard's LED displays form comes in real handy. The fact that you can roll it up makes it able to adhear to any shape be it curved round or even a super tight right angle. Just about all the surfaces of the car can have the LED Display adhered to it's surface. This gives us a significant advantage over any fixed asset digital displays like TV's as they cannot adhere to the form of the vehicle surface like the Babbleboard can. Not stopping at the form itself being the only advantage of the Babbleboard. We wanted to do more than just that. We then realised that we needed different size'd led displays to use up the important advertizing real estate on any car. We went to work making a range of Babbleboards all perfectly sized to be aimed at the major surfaces of the car. The Babbleboard 405 LED Display The Perfect LED Display for that rear window. Can be considered the perfect LED Display for that rear window. The fact that the polymer is translucent means that you can still see out of the rear window and be displaying your important message on the LED Display. The side window we built the LED Display the 280 which fits probably the best on one of the rear windows. The next size up we built specificly for the door panels this version comes with a magnetized option if required. A lot of modern vehicles are not magneteic so the hang up version is always offered. The perfect LED Display for that side panel We do offer even bigger LED Displays if larger surface areas are required check out our store. If you don't see the size you want in the store at this time drop us a line for a product request as we have many other sizes available that may not be at the store at this time. The reason the size of the LED Display does not matter to us is that our program and parts all work identical with all LED Display size options so we can quickly adjust the LED Display to fit any size needs. Only needing to take into needing electrical boosters as the LED Display gets ridiculously large. Within reason we have you covered with the standard configuration. That does point out one super characteristic all the hardware and software is inter-changeable amongst all our product ranges allowing us to keep the cost as low as we can and pass that on to you.

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Babbleboard is smart and simple to use!

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